About Us

Happy Enterprises is pioneer in delivering cloud services, seamless System design, Integration in the IT portfolio of Business process, Applications integration, Virtual Infrastructure and Information security Solutions, etc. Excellent in delivering IT Infrastructure services with Strategic planning, designing, conceptualizing, budgeting, tendering, Implementing, Commercial close out at bare shell, plug & play, build to suite complete solution. An astute management and transformational leadership with extensive experience across the diverse business environment for delivering the Large & Small scale Projects, System Integration and Administration in India and overseas.

Standardizing and transforming to ITIL, IS 27001, Public Standard frameworks in order to integrate the IT Infrastructure services with business applications, processes. Conducting periodical evaluation and assessment of the system for lead certification from British Telecom, DNV, KPMG. Planning, Designing and provisioning cost effective, scalable solution in various segments, such as Manufacturing, Retail, R&D of both product and service units. The services are covered in wide spectrum of Telecom, Application Development, Data warehousing, Web applications, Security, etc by adopting Private Cloud, virtualization, clustering while minimizing the resources, cost and maximizing the business value, productivity.

Our professional solutions leverage the benefit of emerging technologies, which make a significant difference to your organization in terms of minimizing the cost of operation and maximizing the efficiency of resource usage. The customer centric, transparency and accountability are inherent attributes of our service which makes you free to focus on your business dynamics and challenges.

There are no limits, no boundaries, no excuses – every IT service, solution tightly coupled with clear objectives of our customer’s present and future business demand. The promise of cloud computing is a much better approach to drive great agility, security and compliance at low cost.

  • Deploying and adopting ITIL framework, Best practices and Industry standard benchmarks to build a sustainable IT platform and scalable service portfolio.
  • Planning and consolidating the IT resources for implementing virtualization, clustering to enhance the Agility, uptime of the IT services and optimize the cost, resources.
  • Planning automations to build truly dynamic, On demand environment of private cloud and forecast IT service deployment at public cloud to leverage the technology and cost benefits.
  • Standardizing and Delivering full pledged self service model by various automations to adapt dynamic allocation of capacity to workloads through pooling, Elasticity. Automations.
  • Planning and Designing capacity, Availability, Continuity and Security to provision appropriate service packages to meet the present and future needs of Business and Service units.
  • Developing and managing various levels of service provider and sourcing methods to achieve Agility and competitive advantages while minimizing the cost of ownership and risk.
  • Developing and implementing of Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan for preservation of business operation from major disruptions.
  • Conducting periodical assessments of risk, Business Impact, implement appropriate counter measures while balancing cost.

We at Happy IT InfoTech are committed to:

  • To excel in providing Information Technology products and services through
  • Continuous process improvements leading to highest customer satisfaction
  • adhering to statutory and regulatory requirement "
  • Provide cost effective management system, technology, tool and architecture to enhance the productivity, efficiency and Committed level of service.
  • Provide adequate level of resiliency, scalability, reliability in every IT service to fulfill the business continuity and Availability requirements.
  • Build tight coupling between capacity and demand management of Processor, Memory, Storage and Network resource pooling to achieving optimal utilization.
  • Integrating IT Service Life cycle, continuous service improvement program with business process to achieve organization values, objectives, and goals effectively.

One of the biggest challenges today is the proliferation of end user device, and ongoing refresh cycles. End users just expect that they can use device they choose, and have access anytime, from anywhere.

Though change is a constant, CHANGING a technology platform is not an easy task. Most organizations suffer when it comes to inter-operability, integration between applications, databases and operating systems.

Happy IT Infotech helps organizations develop a strategic plan which can alleviate these issues and help in a continuous smooth deployment of the technology within a short window cycle. An organization which has strategic IT vision will always value customer focus and alignment to the business in order to manage dynamic business demand.

Our specialized organizational Capabilities of service mean delivering the maximum value while minimizing the risk and total cost of ownership.

  • Analyzing, developing and implementing Capacity, Availability, Continuity and security plans in various business environments.
  • Performance tuning, model (Analytical, Simulation and baseline), Application sizing, scheduling to manage capacity and their effective utilization.
  • Maximizing the value, ROI of IT & facility infrastructure services by leveraging benefits of PSTN, Soft switch, VOIP, Video con and Telepresence system.
  • Implementing enterprise management system to deploy Patches, security controls, Configuration Item, for prioritizing the Change and enhancing the service level capabilities.
  • Designing and implementing robust physical security system by integrating CCTV, Access Control, Fire Safety system to protect critical assets from unauthorized access.

Business Solutions Group:

Business Solutions Group (BSG) is a technology focused business consulting division specializing in Enterprise Application Planning, Corporate performance management. We design, deliver and manage business critical enterprise solutions to help our customers reduce cost and manage portfolio strategically.

Business Solutions Group offers a portfolio of comprehensive business products & solutions designed to help companies optimize their current ERP systems, while extending them into the world of connected business through innovative new technologies using well defined onsite and offshore methodologies. BSG is driven by its large pool of dedicated and experienced consultants with expertise in implementing and supporting ERP, Datacenter, Virtualization, Cloud projects across multiple verticals.