Information Security Consultation

Analyze, Plan and Implement IS 270001 frameworks to secure organizations information assets. Deliver services with adequate level of confidentiality, Integrity and availability.

  • Gap assessment
  • Remediation support and solution
  • Policies and procedure building and designing inline with ISO 27001 requirements
  • Internal audits inline with ISO 27001
  • Information security services and audits

      Undertaking periodical risk assessment, proposing counter measures, cost benefits analysis for securing organisation’s critical tangible and non tangible assets from potential threats, vulnerabilities.

      • Conduct Risk Analysis
      • Physical Security deployment
      • Security Plan and Policy Development
      • IS Procedure and Guideline Implementation
      • Develop tools and Conduct Security Audits (Lan/Wan,Servers,Applications)

      Physical Security Solutions

      Designing and implementing robust physical security system by integrating surveillance system CCTV, Access Control, Fire Safety system to protect critical assets from unauthorized access.

      • Site Design, Configuration Due diligence
      • Design and Implement Access Control, Smart Card
      • Design and Implement CCTV , Biometrics access,
      • Design and Implement Datacetre/Lab Security
      • Design and Implement Operation Security
      • Develop tools and Conduct Physical Security Audits, mock drills
      • Telecommunication and Network Security
      • Application and Cryptography Security

      Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

      Developing and implementing of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for preservation of business operation from major disruptions. Implementing sustainable IT Infrastructure with adequate level of Availability, Capacity, Continuity and Security.

      • Conduct Business Impact Assessment
      • Develop Business Continuity strategy and plan
      • Develop Backup Policy, procedure and guidelines
      • Disaster Recovery Planning
      • Define Network Management Policy
      • Develop BCM & DRP process flow
      • Develop mitigation strategy against disaster.